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Cheap RC Planes

Cheap RC Planes are often called "Toy Class" RC planes. Around 2003 and 2004 more sophisticated toy class rc planes have become widely available in stores, especially toy stores across the country. Costs can range from nineteen or twenty dollars up to around thirty five or forty dollars (U.S. Dollars).

Toy Class RC planes crash quite often, but it's no big deal as the plane isn't usually destroyed in the crash, or if it is you are only out twenty or thirty bucks. In fact, its often a good idea to start out with a cheap RC plane when learning to fly. If you crash one and totally destroy it, it's not as big a deal as if you had crashed an expensive kit plane that you had spent hours building.

Cheap RC Characteristics: Toy class planes distinguish themselves in several ways. They often come with proportional throttle control (as opposed to your standard "on-off" throttle) and light weight lithium polymer batteries that allow for longer flight times. They are also often made with expanded polypropylene foam, which is the main component that allows for their near indestructible quality that makes them sort of crash proof.

You can expect toy class rc planes to have a low flying speed and rear mounted propellers. The propellers are mounted in the rear to keep from hurting people if and when you crash into them. It also keeps property safe if you crash into something other than a person. If you're starting to see a pattern here, then move to the head of the class! These planes really are just beginner planes, and they're made to be used hard and crashed a lot.

No Elevator Control: This is typical for this class of rc plane. One of the reasons why they are so cheap is because they have no elevator control. The up side of this though is that they are easier to control for the inexperienced user (especially for children). Another downside is that this often tends to make the plane bob up and down, like it was riding a wave.

Bottom line: If you are just starting out with radio controlled planes, the cheap rc plane (Toy Class plane) is probably the way to go. They don't cost much, and you can crash the heck out of them without destroying them or hurting other people or their property. They are also easier to control if you don't have much experience. On the downside, no serious rc airplane hobbyist will take you serious, but who really cares about that? Just have fun! And crash the thing a few times for me! No wait, you probably shouldn't do that after all.

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